Sunday, May 10, 2015

The end to a beginning

Wow can hardly believe it's been a whole year! I can not believe that this is the ending blog post to my 20 time project that seemed to feel so far away. When it came time to editing my video I realized that I had many clips of dancers in their lunges or kicking their legs to there nose but nothing seemed to reflect the work that I put into dance. I was so caught up in wanting my 20 time project to incorporate dance that I missed the mark and failed my project.... Or did I? I though long and hard as to want I wanted to reflect on from my project. Talking about the art of failing seemed to be a cliché and saying that I learned that I love dance so much that I didn't think truly about that clips I need or what clips I had enough of. (Woah that was confusing!) Anyways it was then, while I was sitting on my bed starring at my camera, that I realized I suceeded in my project even though I failed my end product. Through the whole year I documented my photography, the good photos, the bad photos that I though we're good, and the photos my mom wanted me to print out and frame. I found a new passion of mine through failing at a project revolving around something that I already am obsessed with. I discovered a love for photography and realized that I actually have a potential with it. My 20 time forced me to fail at dance and open up into finding something new that I love. I learned that photography is something that I want to include in my future which is why I am taking classes for it next year. Overall 20 time changed my future. Had I suceeded in creating a dance video I would not be talking about my new passion of photography. Which ultimately would mean that my classes for next year would not be involving photography. 20 time has opened many more new doors with with opportunities which is why I thank Mr.P and 20 time for pushing me to find a new passion; photography.

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