Sunday, March 8, 2015


I am very frustrated right now because I wrote my whole blog post not one bit saved. Ugh this stinks! So anyways, hi everyone! These past couple weeks have been fairly slow in regards to filming at the studio. I am still having camera complications which just really stinks. And I have also notice problems with my camera in taking picutres as well.... Clearly I am not on my game this week. However next week I have high hopes for lots of filming!! I am going to continue practicing focusing in with my camera to hopefully better the tragic quality. For filming this week, I am planning on spending out a mass email to have everyone in the studio prepare for possible shots of them dancing or working. This week I will also be attending classes early to film the Junior competion team!!! We have a competion coming up in a few weeks, so it is really important that I flim as much as possible. Hopefully these next 2 weeks will bring lots of filming and great shots that are clear! Talk to you all soon!!

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