Sunday, February 8, 2015

Filming and stuff

So the long awaited news has finally arrived..... I started filming!!!!!! This Monday I began filming and I realized that this process is going to be so much more difficult than I anticipated. The camera has to be focused for every shot and I have to make sure the angles are straight. It's definately going to be a challenge but I am excited to continue the filming. So far I have filmed 2 days, and will continue to film weekly. One of the big factors weighing in the filming process is ensuring that I get a variety of clips and making sure that I don't just film the same people.

As for this week I have a few things planned. I am hoping to come in early and shoot the junior and mini team as week as shots of the studio itself. I am not planning on editing the video yet but I am keeping an album on my computer of all the clips I have shot. I am excited to continue the filming process and look forward to the creative ideas that have yet to come.

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