Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hi guys! So I am updating you with everything that has happened through out the past couple weeks, which I can assure you has not been that much. Filming is complicated for a number of reasons. Reason number 1, I don't want my teachers to think I am blowing off their class to film something for fun, even though I have explained to them that this is for a long term goal of mine. And reason number 2 is that when I film with my camera on the tiny little screen it shows up very clear and focus but I uploaded my recent clips, and I can assure you that they are not usable. It's just really frustrating because I really can't tell if all my clips were in focus or not until after I am done for the day. I am planning on talking to the photo teacher at school and possibly asking her to help me set up a clear shot. My mentor is Emma, however she doesn't have the experiance in filming that I know the photography teacher has, or the TV teacher. I will not be filming this week due to conflicting schedules with our competion classes and time for rehearsals. However this week I am planning on emailing both the photography and TV teacher in hope to reach some help with my filming before I shoot at the studio again.

On a lighter note, I checked and have been notified that I have aqquired my first follower! Obviously I havs received over 200 page views, however to have a follow who will be notified when I post each week is pretty cool! So I would like to give a personal shout out to my one and only follower! Means a lot to know someone is at least being notified that I posted a blog, even though you may not read it hahaah!

Anyways, I look forward to what this week brings to the process of filming this documentary. Hopefully I can fix my filming problems and move forward in my 20 time project!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Filming and stuff

So the long awaited news has finally arrived..... I started filming!!!!!! This Monday I began filming and I realized that this process is going to be so much more difficult than I anticipated. The camera has to be focused for every shot and I have to make sure the angles are straight. It's definately going to be a challenge but I am excited to continue the filming. So far I have filmed 2 days, and will continue to film weekly. One of the big factors weighing in the filming process is ensuring that I get a variety of clips and making sure that I don't just film the same people.

As for this week I have a few things planned. I am hoping to come in early and shoot the junior and mini team as week as shots of the studio itself. I am not planning on editing the video yet but I am keeping an album on my computer of all the clips I have shot. I am excited to continue the filming process and look forward to the creative ideas that have yet to come.