Friday, November 21, 2014

The annoucement

I have been super excited to start working on my project. My camera is a present for Christmas which means I won't be able to start filming the documentary until January. Our competition season is currently on a break until January so not receiving a camera until Christmas is not a major set back!

This week has not been very productive unfortunately, however my dad will be taking me to a best buy to select the camera that will work best for my project. I also made the big announcement to my studio that I will be filming the documentary. Everyone is being to supportive and they were all super excited... we couldn't sit still in ballet, unfortunately for my ballet teacher that was not a plus!

I realize that I never truly addressed why I am choosing a dance documentary out of all the options in the world for my 20 time project. When your so passionate about something you get defensive about the topic. I have gotten into a handful of arguments about dance which seems stupid but in fact its not. Why should I care so much about somthing that I love to do? Because I love it. This documentary will show my classmates, friends, family and teammates that our hard work and dedication pays off. The product of this video will show everyone what it is like to do something that you love and are passionate about it!

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Change in Directions

Time seemed to be an issue for my project this year for a number of reasons; the costumes are not finished, my mentor and I have conflicting schedules and winter decided let itself in way too early! I figured that the seasons would last forever.... Or to my convince, but in fact nature could not wait for my photo shoot. There also was another issue of winter, meaning the frigid and freezing weather and thick fluffy snow that would cover the ground where my dancers would be, barefoot. So in conclusion I decided that my dance photography look book is not going to be my 20 time project.

I still wanted to combined dance and photography into one, but for my project I am going to use film photography to film a documentary of training and competing at a dance competition/convention. I figure that because I spend about 15 hours at the studio a week, filming a documentary would be really interesting since most people don't understand the hard work and sweat that's goes into preparing and competing  at a competition. I am very excited to start filming the documentary, I think it will be very interesting to watch and fun to film.