Sunday, May 10, 2015

The end to a beginning

Wow can hardly believe it's been a whole year! I can not believe that this is the ending blog post to my 20 time project that seemed to feel so far away. When it came time to editing my video I realized that I had many clips of dancers in their lunges or kicking their legs to there nose but nothing seemed to reflect the work that I put into dance. I was so caught up in wanting my 20 time project to incorporate dance that I missed the mark and failed my project.... Or did I? I though long and hard as to want I wanted to reflect on from my project. Talking about the art of failing seemed to be a cliché and saying that I learned that I love dance so much that I didn't think truly about that clips I need or what clips I had enough of. (Woah that was confusing!) Anyways it was then, while I was sitting on my bed starring at my camera, that I realized I suceeded in my project even though I failed my end product. Through the whole year I documented my photography, the good photos, the bad photos that I though we're good, and the photos my mom wanted me to print out and frame. I found a new passion of mine through failing at a project revolving around something that I already am obsessed with. I discovered a love for photography and realized that I actually have a potential with it. My 20 time forced me to fail at dance and open up into finding something new that I love. I learned that photography is something that I want to include in my future which is why I am taking classes for it next year. Overall 20 time changed my future. Had I suceeded in creating a dance video I would not be talking about my new passion of photography. Which ultimately would mean that my classes for next year would not be involving photography. 20 time has opened many more new doors with with opportunities which is why I thank Mr.P and 20 time for pushing me to find a new passion; photography.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Speeches in the making?!

Hello everyone!!!!! And welcome back to my blog:) I am very glad to be writing this week because much has happened. Mr.P announced to our class that speeches for our 20 time project are nearing, so we must begin to prepare for what we wish to talk about. Anxious to the thought of having to speech for 10 minutes straight, I have begun to brainstorm what I will be talking about. The angle I have decided to take is much different than I probably anticipated in the beginning of the year. It is truly amazing to think that I have accomplished a hidden goal I never realized I would reach. And, surprisingly I am very excited to share what I had learned from my project.

Anyways, I suppose I owe you all some sort of update.... Hmmmmm, I discovered the wonderful world of blogging through my friend and I am actually very interested in reading daily blogs. I love how personable blogs can be to their audience. As for my film/photography I had made much progress. I have taken numerous photo shoots that I am so incredibly proud of!!!! It is amazing to look back and see all the progress I have made in my photography. My 20 time project is winding down, sadly, but it has opened many doors to my furture! Have a wonderful next couple weeks, and I will talk to you all very soon!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Filming and other updates

Hey everyone, I hope these past couple weeks have been good! My project productiveness has been pretty good. I brought my camera into class and practiced focusing videos. It was really funny because students were jumping up and down and dancing around for me. The documentary is not going to be as long as I would like just because of how available I am for filming. I am aiming for a video short now, just to highlight the amazing aspect of the dance studio. Along with possibly including clips of competition. I think that by reducing the size of the video, I will be able to concentrate on the great parts of the hard work my team puts it each and every dance season.

I am going to start organizing my goals for the week by laying them out visually on the blog. So my goals for these next two weeks are
1. pick all songs for video
2. film opening clips of dancers for video
3. come early to dance classes and film younger dancers
4. continue asking for filming tips from photography instructor

I will do my absolute best to achieve all of these goals and will check in soon with progress! Have a super next couple weeks:) See ya!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


I am very frustrated right now because I wrote my whole blog post not one bit saved. Ugh this stinks! So anyways, hi everyone! These past couple weeks have been fairly slow in regards to filming at the studio. I am still having camera complications which just really stinks. And I have also notice problems with my camera in taking picutres as well.... Clearly I am not on my game this week. However next week I have high hopes for lots of filming!! I am going to continue practicing focusing in with my camera to hopefully better the tragic quality. For filming this week, I am planning on spending out a mass email to have everyone in the studio prepare for possible shots of them dancing or working. This week I will also be attending classes early to film the Junior competion team!!! We have a competion coming up in a few weeks, so it is really important that I flim as much as possible. Hopefully these next 2 weeks will bring lots of filming and great shots that are clear! Talk to you all soon!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hi guys! So I am updating you with everything that has happened through out the past couple weeks, which I can assure you has not been that much. Filming is complicated for a number of reasons. Reason number 1, I don't want my teachers to think I am blowing off their class to film something for fun, even though I have explained to them that this is for a long term goal of mine. And reason number 2 is that when I film with my camera on the tiny little screen it shows up very clear and focus but I uploaded my recent clips, and I can assure you that they are not usable. It's just really frustrating because I really can't tell if all my clips were in focus or not until after I am done for the day. I am planning on talking to the photo teacher at school and possibly asking her to help me set up a clear shot. My mentor is Emma, however she doesn't have the experiance in filming that I know the photography teacher has, or the TV teacher. I will not be filming this week due to conflicting schedules with our competion classes and time for rehearsals. However this week I am planning on emailing both the photography and TV teacher in hope to reach some help with my filming before I shoot at the studio again.

On a lighter note, I checked and have been notified that I have aqquired my first follower! Obviously I havs received over 200 page views, however to have a follow who will be notified when I post each week is pretty cool! So I would like to give a personal shout out to my one and only follower! Means a lot to know someone is at least being notified that I posted a blog, even though you may not read it hahaah!

Anyways, I look forward to what this week brings to the process of filming this documentary. Hopefully I can fix my filming problems and move forward in my 20 time project!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Filming and stuff

So the long awaited news has finally arrived..... I started filming!!!!!! This Monday I began filming and I realized that this process is going to be so much more difficult than I anticipated. The camera has to be focused for every shot and I have to make sure the angles are straight. It's definately going to be a challenge but I am excited to continue the filming. So far I have filmed 2 days, and will continue to film weekly. One of the big factors weighing in the filming process is ensuring that I get a variety of clips and making sure that I don't just film the same people.

As for this week I have a few things planned. I am hoping to come in early and shoot the junior and mini team as week as shots of the studio itself. I am not planning on editing the video yet but I am keeping an album on my computer of all the clips I have shot. I am excited to continue the filming process and look forward to the creative ideas that have yet to come.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Just an Update

So lately nothing has been happening with my project. I am still trying to figure out the right time to start filming. To be honest I am both procrastinating and planning the right time to film. I still have to make an announcement in regards to when I will begin the documentary in my studio because it is important that the dancers show up looking professional. I have picked out most of the songs for my video and I am very excited to use them.

In the mean time I really do need to start filming clips of dancers doing tricks and other impressive dance moves to incorporate in the film. I am planning announcing this Monday to my team that they need to come prepared to be filmed. And then the coming Wednesday I will begin to film for the video.

I have decided that I need to talk to my teachers and let them know that I will not always be participating in class due to filming. I am so excited to start the film and can't wait to begin to piece it together.